ONE PROTOCOL [4 - 6 November/2020 - Noon to 5PM UTC - 100% Online] ONE COMMUNITY Multiple Chains Add to Calendar

Every community needs to keep its rituals, specially the ones aimed at reflecting upon its own challenges, developments and discuss the direction. ECC is the moment for that on EOS, when we have rich conversations that help us all to evolve toward a better community.

Covid made meeting impossible in 2020, we are all looking forward to ECC Detroit 2021 to share great moments. But this doesn’t mean we should not reunite to talk about our challenges and mature ideas and thoughts into action. EOS community is distributed worldwide and was forged on Telegram and Zoom. That is why ECC2020 will be online, accessible to everyone in the community regardless of where we are.

We are counting the days!


November 4

Discussion Panels

November 5

Project Pitches

November 6
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